FotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation

Safely Restore Youthful, Healthy Looking Skin

FotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation’s laser technology is a treatment breakthrough that can correct a variety of skin conditions, such as facial skin imperfections, the signs of aging (wrinkles), birthmarks, unsightly small veins, and other blemishes. It offers a safe, non-invasive solution that can be tailored to your individual condition and skin type, providing superior cosmetic results and outstanding satisfaction.

While there are lasers that treat red spots, other lasers treat browns, and others yet that are used for resurfacing of facial skin, no technology provides the long-term improvement of complexion and texture of FotoFacil Skin Rejuvenation system.  Many laser procedures require local anesthesia and result in months of recovery from painful burns and increased redness of the treated areas. FotoFacial Skin Rejuventation causes minimal redness which resolves in several hours, thus causing no disruption of your busy lifestyle.

Depending on the conditions you are treating, and the severity of the individual problem, a series of five or six treatment sessions may be recommended. You can return to work the same day and resume all your regular activity. By dividing the full program into several treatments, the procedure provides gradual improvement with very low risk. It preserves the “no downtime” feature that people appreciate so much.

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